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Worry Beads

Since 9/11, until recently, the #1 American fear has been terrorist attack. I was in NYC and witnessed 9/11. I thought the fears overblown, horrific as it was. I did research the results of which anchor this show in the form of Worry Beads. There's another string of beads which shows terrorist deaths in the US. You're more likely to be killed by a human toddler than a foreign infiltrator. Or, put another way, from 1945 thru 2017, globally, 413,000 people died via terrorism; in the same period in the US 992,000 people were murdered (and I’m missing data from 1946-1960).

Worry Beads, one for every year from 1945 are scaled at one cc per human life. The volume of each is set by the number of terrorist-caused deaths for that year globally. The whole thing is about 40' long, the largest bead (2014) is 19" dia. Terrorist caused deaths have declined since then.

Worry Beads: Our Artists

Worry Beads US

Douglas fir, blackstore-bought beads indicating no deaths that year
50" Length x 9" Diameter

07Worry Beads US.jpg
Worry Beads: Image
Worry Beads: Pro Gallery

Misplaced Fears

Worry Beads: Video
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Worry Beads: Gallery
Global Terrorism Deaths (gray)  vs. Deat

Global Terrorism Deaths (gray) 
vs. Deaths in US (red)

Offset Print

Worry Beads: Image
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