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Weather Probability

Data Art
Variable Size

The probability of rainfall in Laytonville, Ca for each week of the year based on 16 years of climate data, from 'high' (black) to 'unlikely' (white). Length of segment = average temp for that week. We had a day of rain this week, verifying the September probability

Rise Set Length

Data Art

The length of each day, year around, at the latitude of San Francisco, Ca. Days get shorter from June 21 (summer solstice) and reach minimum length on December 21 (winter solstice). The disk represents the whole day, from 12:01 AM (center) to midnight (outer rim). Very important to those of us reliant on solar power.

17_Rise Set Length.jpg
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Corpse 2

Laminated & Carved Ash
16"W x 30"H x 84"L

Each lam=1 year of age. Horizontal dim=non-gun murders; vertical dim=gun murders at that age. Arch=shooters

Coll: Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

90 equal laminations, each a year of age, from infancy (0-1 year) to the 90th year, moving from the thin end to the thick.The width of each section is determined by the average (1976 to 1998) number of non-gun homicides per year for people at that age. The vertical dimension is set by the number of gun homicides.The height of the arch is the number of shooters in that same age bracket. The left end of the sculpture depicts infanticide and the right end eldercide.

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