Paula Chung

thread on mixed media

These images are universal. They cross religious, cultural and political beliefs, socioeconomic status, race and often gender. What they do not cross is age, nor do they reveal life experiences, wisdom nor emotion.

We are their story—they are ours; "modern day vanitas," as Rebecca Solnit has phrased, reminding us of our mortality, strengths and fragilities.

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Paul Chung Gallery Exhibit

From Paula's Portfolio

Blood Cell

Blood Cell

35" x 26"


Skin Channel

40" x 28"

urinary II.jpg

Urinary II

28" x 36"

Inner Ear II.jpg

Inner Ear II

30" x 36"

Adam 3.8.12.jpg

Adam 3.8.12

28" x 40"



36" x 36"