Past Artists


Joann Brockley & Leonard Titzer

Drawing & Collage

The featured artist of one of last year’s larger exhibitions, Taylor Quill constantly wows the art world with fresh perspectives and an incredibly polished technique. There aren’t many artists who can do what Taylor Quill does.

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Loren Madsen

Data Art

The first “Virtual” Exhibition of the Haldan Art Gallery at Lake Tahoe Community College, titled “Worry Beads”, is based on one large, site-specific, sculpture that is made of wood-carved “beads” and strung together like a beaded chain. Each bead, one for every year since 1945, is scaled at one cubic centimeter per human life. The volume of each is set by the number of terrorist-caused deaths for that year globally. The whole is about 40’ long and the largest bead (representing the year 2014) is 19 inches in diameter. The sculpture ends with 2017. This piece along with other sculptures comprise this solo exhibition by Loren Madsen


John McCarthy

hand-colored ink transfers, oil painting, watercolor

John was born in Brookings, S.D. in 1959. He preceded to get his B.S. in Fine Arts with an emphasis printmaking from S.D.S.U in 1981. Then continued his education at University of Iowa receiving a M.A. in Printmaking in 1984 and M.F.A. in Painting in 1987.


Paula Chung

thread on mixed media

The advent of sonograms, MRIs, and other advanced forms of body imaging have transformed modern medicine and the way in which people view their bodies. These non-invasive renderings provide doctors with critical information about personal health, and, yet, when faced with uncertainty about a diagnosis, these medical images can provoke fear and confusion. They give a powerful glimpse into the complex systems of the bodily existence, marking growth and deterioration.
Paula Chung’s textiles expose viewers to the inner beauty found within their own bodies, challenging them to embrace change and find common ground.


Kathy Aoki

photopolymer etchings, relief prints, lithographs and artist books

Kathy Aoki addresses beauty, gender, and pop-culture issues through familiar visual formats injected with a twist of humor. Her ongoing series, collectively entitled “The Museum of Historical Makeovers,” has roots in art history, beauty trends, feminism, and museology. Through a simulated museum framework, the work delivers wry, feminist reflections on today’s values. Past solo exhibitions featured ersatz historical prints, paintings, sculptures, and immersive installations that pay mock homage to beauty and cuteness.


Yu Ji

oil, charcoal

Yu Ji’s artwork has been recognized for its elaborate compositions based on observational sketchbook studies and for pictorial interpretations of figurative form in space.

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