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Foyer Gallery

Foyer Gallery: Meet the Artists

The Foyer Gallery is located in the Fine Arts building on campus. It is just down the hall from the 2D & 3D studios where many of exhibition art pieces are created. This gallery is a great addition to the Art Department featuring many current and former students from LTCC.

Foyer Gallery: Quote
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Earth, Air, Water, Sun: Elemental Sierra

October 6th - December 9th


Artist’s reception Thursday October 6th 5-7pm

Artist’s talk in the Foyer Gallery @ 6:30pm

Foyer Gallery: About

Past Exhibitions in the Foyer Gallery


Grace Weber

Exploring Alpine Clay and Glaze

Spring 2022


Craig Newman

Virtual Exhibition - Ripple in Still Water

Spring 2021

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Ginger Winters

The Art of Silk

"My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in the natural world."


Regine Bandel

Fall 2019
oil, watercolor, printmaking

"What is your guideline in painting? Less is more! (and then I do the opposite). Thank God for plein-air and models. You paint what you see, intense but short and sweet. (or sometimes sour). What do I want to show in my painting? Some glimpse of an answer to the ancient question; "what is life all about?". How do I go about it? I try to be open and don't adhere to my ideas too much. It is like going on a journey. You don't know exactly where you are going, but on the way you encounter unknown territory and situations. They present theirselves to you and you have to react to them. If you would have planned your journey from day to day, you will encounter less obstacles, but also less chances of something out of the ordinary."

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Adrienne Belair

Winter 2020
3D Media

"In the beginning, my art takes many organic and indistinct forms. This sense of visual ambiguity is important for me, as it creates an environment that offers an opportunity for free and abstract thought. I prefer to say I “grow” my art rather than create it; an organic process in which each individual piece plays an active role and evolves within its own circumstance. My hope is to encourage the viewer to decide what I “grew” based on their own personal experience rather than making the subject matter distinguishable."


Adam Wexelblat

Spring 2019
oil on canvas

"I took every art class offered at the local college, from painting, to color theory, to design, to art history. Some I found fun and creative, many were academic and challenging. I saw each class as a brick in what would become my fortress of artistic ability. I was very fortunate to have had some wonderful teachers, win many awards, and even gain representation from a small local commercial gallery."

Foyer Gallery: Our Artists
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