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Laminated & Carved Basswood
40"H x 26"W x 29'D
(*Consumer price index)
Each layer = 1 year (1960-1994)
Horiz dim = fuel costs, Vert dim = food costs, Ctr line = housing costs

The first explicit piece of data art. I was struck at the extent to which my students’ experience as young artists differed so radically from my own. They pay unthinkable rents and leave school heavily in debt. They cannot, as I did, work sporadically to finance full time in the studio. I investigated these economic changes and ended consulting the Statistical Abstract of the U.S. I graphed historical trends in housing, food and fuel costs and, realizing the numbers could be turned into a sculpture, made 'CPI.’

CPI Graph
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The sculpture is a response to a 30 year conversation with my wife on federal spending on defense versus human resources. The vertical axis of the ovals is based on annual Federal expenditures for human resources (housing, education, welfare, social security, medicare, etc) for that year, and the horizontal axis on the expenditures for defense. The rising line through the center of the sculpture is based on population.

Early Works: Text

Laminated poplar
56”H x 21”W x 40”D

(*Human vs defense costs), 1995
Each layer = 1 year (1945-1995)


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19_mancala Print.jpg


single slab carved madrone
walnut pegs
32" l x 6" w x 9.5" h
4 integral feet

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