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David Mori

Photography Technician

David Mori has been working at the community college for the past 10+ years in the photography department as a photography technician. David boasts more than 200 credits in the art department, where he first grew his passion for art. You  can find him in the art lab every week, working closely with students helping them develop their technical skills in the art of photography.

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David Mori: TeamMember

Artist Statement

PEOPLE! I like to photograph People!

Capturing them on film, or digital, in their natural environment. I wait to  show people expressing themselves at a certain moment in time, a mission I am not always successful at. Photographing people is what I love to do. Combined with landscape photography. These are two genres I am familiar with photographing.

Inspiration for my artwork comes from Brett Weston. He was a master at abstractive landscapes and his portraiture of nudes. I am also inspired by Ansel Adams and his awesome landscape photography. The 3 works I am displaying here in the Haldan Gallery are all 3 digital photographs. "Hallelujah" is a spontaneous expression of joy by a performing artist on stage!  It has had a special Photoshop filter applied for the effect that you see. "Moonshine" is a candid photo of 2 women at a street fair in Haight-Ashbury, observing a moment in time. "Eyes Only" is a candid photo of a girl hanging out in front of a street mural in downtown Reno. She has a nice look being in front of a mural of eyes.

David Mori: Text
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