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April 21 - June 17 
Grace Weber
"Exploring Alpine Clay and Glaze"

Reception April 21st 5-7pm 

Artist Talk in the Foyer Gallery April 21st  - 6:30pm

Grace Weber explores the relationship between herself and her surroundings by experimenting with rocks and clay from near her home in Alpine County, CA to create functional and sculptural ceramics. By using locally sourced materials that she collects, processes, and tests herself, Grace attempts to bridge the disconnect created by living a consumerist lifestyle in an isolated community in the Sierra Nevada, where commodities such as fuel, food and building materials are imported to make this lifestyle possible. By spending time collecting, observing, and testing the materials that make up her surroundings, she nurtures a working relationship with her environment that remedies the sense of separation that pervades modern life.

Grace Weber "Exploring Alpine Clay and Glaze": Headliner
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