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2021 Annual Student Art Exhibition


Exhibition Information

The deadline to submit the electronic application is May 3, at 5:00 PM. Remember, you are eligible to submit up to five pieces of artwork you finalized between spring of 2019 to present.

The application asks for your contact information and the following details for each artwork: Title, Year Completed, physical size (2D: Height” x Width”, 3D: Height” x Width” x Depth”) and the medium you used. Finally, pick which of the 17 Juried Categories, best describes your piece from the dropdown menu for each item.

The 17 categories from which you may choose are as follows:

1. Painting (oil, acrylic)

2. Drawing (all dry media including graphite, charcoal, pastel, etc.)

3. Watercolor/Water Media (watercolor, ink wash, pen & ink, gouache)

4. Printmaking (intaglio and relief printmaking)

5. 2-D Figure (two-dimensional works of the human form in any media)

6. 3-D Figure (three-dimensional works of the human form in any media)

7. 2-D Mixed Media (artwork includes multiple materials in a two-dimensional work of art)

8. 2-D Design (focus of artwork is design in a two-dimensional format)

9. 3-D Design (focus of artwork is design in a three-dimensional format)

10. Digital Photography: black & white

11. Digital Photography: color

12. Film Photography (both black & white and color)

13. Digital 2D Art

14. Video Art

15. Sculpture: Mixed Media (artwork includes multiple materials in a three-dimensional work of art)

16. Sculpture: Metals (includes majority cast or fabricated metals)

17. Sculpture: Ceramics (includes majority clay)

If you would like to have help photographing your artwork, make sure you check all the times you are available during the week of May 4 to May 7. You will be sent an email to confirm an appointment time.

You can instead, upload your own high quality photos of your submissions for judging and display, by May 7 at 5:00 PM. Send them as email attachments to Jessica at

· Only one image per artwork.

· Image file names should include your name and the artwork number (1-5) in the order as submitted in the application, and the Category entered, i.e. JSmithArtwork1Cat15.jpeg.

· Remember to crop your photo to include only the artwork.

· Image sizes should be no less than 1200 pixels in any dimension and no more than 300dpi.

· Images should be JPEG format.

· Large files may require multiple emails.

Entering the exhibition implies your consent to have images of your artwork shown on the LTCC Gallery websites.

Where the application asks for your artwork’s medium, one or two-word descriptions are best. Examples: oil, acrylic, graphite drawing, charcoal drawing, pastel, watercolor, ink wash, pen & ink, gouache, intaglio print, relief print, mixed media, mixed media sculpture, digital photography, film photography, digital art, video art, metal sculpture, and ceramic.

There is no cost to participate, although a donation of any amount is appreciated. The suggested gift amount is $20. Your application will direct you how to send a donation.

If you have any questions, contact the production staff at (530) 541-4660 Ext 335, or email

Best of luck to all LTCC artists! Your participation will make this exhibit a success!

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