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Ann Thennes

Art Gallery Installer

I have been a bit of a gypsy my whole life. The underlying thread that has drawn and kept my life together is movement and dance. From studying classical ballet, to being a chorus girl, to teaching fitness and movement classes to presenting Women's Conscious Dance Retreats and workshops. Having danced for the better part of 50 years the mystery and magic of our body in space still mystifies me.

There's just always something new and interesting to explore.

I'm thrilled to be working with LTCC in their gallery's.  Being on the ground level of installing the art shows is a lovely rich experience for me. 

I can't say enough about the importance of the Arts in peoples life. From the paintings or pieces of sculpture or dance that may move you to tears or have you clapping your hands in wonder and joy, to the pieces that simply make one feel. When there are no words to express a feeling, the Art work can touch your Heart and touch your senses. 

Whether your the person creating the Art or the person looking at the Art, your life is enriched forever.

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